Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Getting Closer

Not long before we leave the house now (8-9 days) and we have achieved bog-fulls in the last week or so to leave us feeling most confident of getting everything cleared, cleaned and refurbished on time.

Naturally we were not able to achieve this single handidly and we had immense help and motivation from both sets of parents (although I fear the motive may have been that by helping us they could ensure we would definitely be leaving...) and the gaff has never looked better. This is partly because all my collectables have now been relocated and the house is empty(ish) and partly due to a full clean up operation led and conducted by "The Mothers". A formidable sight, formation cleaning.

In fact it's looking so good we may be having second thoughts about leaving after all, this place is really quite delightful...

We have also lost access to Sky + which was a major factor in my lack of enthusiasm- who would want to do stuff around the house if they could watch the latest Test Match (England versus India for the peasants amongst us)? Returning to the five "quality" channels we have was a serious kidney punch. I can't believe that we have to pay over a hundred quid to the BBC by law for that pile of dross they imagitively call "entertainment". Tossers, the lot of them.

I did manage to obtain my IDP (international driving permit) and that was not without struggle and a challenge that would have had the commander of the SAS crying in his sleep.

Local bastard off-spring of Hitler and Attila the Hun at the Post Office: " You want to do what?" (accompanied by peals of laughter) "Apply for an IDP here? Oh you foolish little man we're a Post Office, we're not here to help you.

Yes, we do take your money (but not a credit card *fume*) and ensure we scrutinise every bit of paperwork you provide us as if you are on FBI's most wanted list if you want to get your road tax, but we have nothing to do with the DVLA at all."

Aside from licencing your vehicle, changing driver details, applying for your provisional licence etc etc...

Eventually, when my mate Clint (I kid you not, that was his name in capitals no less, and I'm convinced his name plate had one space too many) must have been approaching his lunch break as he tired of toying with me and actually gave me some helpful advice.

"Have you tried the DVLA site on the internet?"


Anyhoo, as mentioned I now have said document and can't wait to watch wifey go through the same process. Altough she will be much quicker and direct as she's a Geordie and punches people as a matter of punctuation.

I hope she gets another CLINT...

Broadband gets turned off at the end of the week so posting will be even less, but once we are on the road we'll update more regularly at Cyber Cafes and the like to keep you up to date.

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

We Have a Tenant

Just been told that bar the reference checks we have a tenant to move into our place on 30th March, which although a couple of days early, means we have cash coming in from the start of our trip.

This also means the we have fewer days to sort the mess out...

In fact there are now just a little over two weeks to go.

*Engages scared mode*

Monday, 13 March 2006

How Much Do I Miss These?

The Scooter at the top was one ugly piece of kit, but it had its uses, especially when popping into town and the weather was bad. Mind you, it was dead good fun to ride.

Monday, 13th March

Funny day today- always is, every year.

Today is my father's birthday- Happy Birthday, Dad- (that saves a card) and coincidentally also the day my wife's father died.

I never got a chance to meet the man but I have been told I would have got on famously with him... eventually.

Well Mr Robinson, rest in peace. I'm looking after your youngest daughter as promised and you'd be dead proud of her. Hopefully you'll continue to be her Guardian Angel as we bumble along our road of exploration, we're going to need all the help we can get.

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Stuff is Moving

Dining room suite, bedroom furniture (including our bed and widescreen TVs) and sofa suites have all been carted off by gleeful bargain hunters- read modern day highway men- and the resultant view is similar to Hurricane Sarfend passing through the gaff but with the advantage of at least leaving the doors hanging in situ.

Destruction and mess wouldn't quite cover it but at least we now have some kind of incentive to really get stuck in and start our daily trip to the local rubbish tip to drop off sack fulls of dust that appears to have accumulated behind the sofas and beds and other nooks and crannies never before having seen the light of day.

However, progress it is no matter how slight and with both mothers due to visit this coming week I'm sure "we'll" get it sorted. Luckily I need to be in the office for most of the week so...

Not much else to report other than time is fast running out with less than three weeks to blast off, or more accurately trundle off- the amount of shite we appear to be taking is mounting rapidly and a strict due dilligence may need to be considered prior to loading the car up.

They don't really weigh the car prior to departure on the ferry, do they?

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Been There, Seen That, Done That...

We hope to add to the following list over the next few years:

Balearic Isles
British Isles
Czech Republic
Isle of Man

Friday, 3 March 2006

Current Status

House: Still chock full of shite and no enthusiasm to move any of it.

Self: Panic mode is still under control- it's Friday and we're on the piss tonight. *woohoo*

Wifey: Having worked nigh on 18 hour shifts per day, she is clearing her back log of filing (what is it with burds and paperwork? Just file it properly in the first place and it saves having to do three years in one hit) and today is supposedly her last day running her business. Yeah, right...

Car: We hopefully have a buyer for wifey's MX-5 sports car. I say "buyer" but it feels like we're giving the thing away. Still, the new owner will have a load of fun with it and if you can spread a bit of happiness, wtf not?

Abbreviations: Get used to them- helps tone down the sweary words...If anyone has difficulty in working out what they are, leave a message and I'll translate. :-D

Happiness factor: Big 5 stars- four weeks to departure and getting very excited now.

Whilst England is a lovely country and where we live is especially pretty by the sea, I am getting pig sick of being told what to by The Government.

"But you voted them in."

"No I bleedin' didn't and I'd quite happily punch Mr BLiar in the face (repeatedly) to get my message over to him. FUCK OFF* INTERFERING IN OUR LIVES AND GO AND PLAY IN AMERICA!!"

*Sometimes referred to as "Three "F"s in Off"

See? I am usually a mild mannered, polite chap, but BLiar simply brings out the violence in me. Bastard.

Anyway, rant over, think happy thoughts. *click* And relax...

Wishes: A house clearing fairy to wave his/her (see, I am PC) magic wand and it's all empty and clean.

Thursday, 2 March 2006



And yes, we were just going out for the night. I'm usually a jeans and T shirt blurk.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Fit Burds Start Queuing Now Please

So, there we have it- a piccie of me.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words- that's one long horror story...